Friday, April 3, 2015


We finished up the photo shoot once we got the cue to come home.
Mama C still had no clue what was going on,
and once she opened the door.....
I couldn't of been more pleased with her reaction and I was so grateful that so many people showed up!!!!

We made probably one of the best desserts of all time.
Chocolate chip cookie dough on the bottom, next layer is Oreos, then brownie batter.
That's right, it was delicious.

She's pretty cute. 

It was the first surprise party I have ever planned and it definitely was a success.
I might think about doing this on a regular basis.
I hope this is the best year yet!

The Future Sister Whitcomb

Happy Birthday Mama C!

Our dearest Mama C just turned 19!!

About a week ago I asked Mama C what she wanted to do for her birthday.
She responded with:
"Nothing, I don't like birthdays very much."
After she said that I knew she had to have the best birthday ever!
With the help of my wonderful roommates we were able to pull off the perfect day for Mama C.

We cooked her stuffed french toast for breakfast
and Enchiladas for dinner.
And the night before we went to Buffalo Wild Wings.
(Her favorite restaurant.)
After she got out of her classes we were able to get her a free facial.

Then we went home, ate enchiladas and watched her favorite movie.
By the time the movie was over we had to get her out of the house so our other roommates could set up the surprise party for her.
Mama C is an excellent photographer, 
she has expressed an interest to have a photo shoot with us.
So while everyone else was setting up for the surprise party, Black Widow and I took Mama C on a photo shoot.
Idaho is beautiful and so we had many locations to go take pictures.
First we went to the temple.

Black Widow can get pretty goofy. But we love her for it.

I love the Rexburg Temple. It's so beautiful inside and out.

Next stop was a dirt road.

We've determined Black Widow could be a model if she wanted to be.

I don't think I could be a model, but I do love to make a photo shoot fun!

I personally like to call Rexburg, Sexy Rexy. It's gorgeous. 

Our last stop before the surprise party was a lamp post. 
(I know our locations aren't super creative, but our photo shoot couldn't of been more fun.)

Black Widow and I have been friends for a long time and I am so grateful for her, life would be boring without her.

I love this birthday girl and I'm super grateful I had the chance to be her roommate for a year.
She has been through a lot and is an inspiration to me.
I'm so glad we were able to make this day special for her, she deserves it.

Stay tuned for the surprise party!!!

The Future Sister Whitcomb