Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Your weekly dose of ALL CAPS AND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!s (E-N-T-H-U-S-I-A-S-M!!)

My Dear Family!!!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!! And Happy Anniversary to Roger and Kristine!! That was fast. :) And Happy Early Birthday to my favorite Bop!! What are you now, like 25? You're awesome regardless! I hear everyone is gathering for Thanksgiving. I hope you all eat a ton, walk around the golf course and take lots of pictures! I love you all!
This week was great. The international trip is great. Lots of laughs and me trying to explain very simple things. American things. It's quite funny.
They noticed I say "I'm PUMPED!" a lot. So they asked what it meant, and now that I explained it they like to say it occasionally to pick on me. ;)
Did I mention that both of my companions are converts? Sister Leyva was baptized when she was 14 and Sister Espanto was 12. They are sooo cool!!! Sister Espanto's laugh cracks me up. I'll have to send you all a video with it. She's so funny!

And so far I've been taller than ALL my companions, can you believe it? Especially my current companions, haha. Sister Espanto is 4'11". She's the best! Sister Leyva is just a little bit taller than her. Good times!
Do you want to hear something funny? We were getting out of the car and we see this guy. He's painting the inside of his garage. We asked if we could help, and he was a little hesitant.  But he asked us questions about the gospel! So you know what Sister Espanto does? She just walks up to him and says she wants to try, grabs the roller and starts painting the walls. I died!! It was so funny!!! We even taught him the whole restoration. We talked about a lot with him. And we even invited him to be baptized and he said yes! We have to pass him off to other Elders becauswe he lives in Chula Vista. (Where "The District" was filmed, btw...) And Sister Espanto got ALL of his contact info, down to his email! She's legit. :)
That same day we were also able to contact a referral from some Elders in LaJolla. Her name is Chala. We met up with her at a McDonalds with a member who is a RM who served in Salt Lake City. She's awesome. Anyway, we met with Chala and she has a scary background and she's paying for it right now. But she so needs a change, and she recognizes this is it. And she's grateful for where she is now because she believes without it she would be somewhere much worse! Talk about gratitude right there! We invited her to read from The Book of Mormon and her response was "But I don't have one." It was cute. So we of course gave her one! And then we invited her to be baptized and she said yes!! She talked about how she was almost baptized in another church but it just didn't feel right so she didn't. But she's feeling good with us so far! We set her with a date of December 19th. Sooo cooooolllll!!!!!!! And also that night we found a YSA in our area who is being taught by other Elders. But it's okay, forgiveness is real. And they were totally fine with passing him off to us. Thank goodness we walked on that street and had the courage to talk to him or we never would have found him!
Then we had a lesson with our investigator Bharat at our Branch President's house. He was a lot more serious this time and we were able to teach more. Amazing what the presence of older people can do! ;)
And unfortunately Rodney stood us up.... again. But that's okay! I'm gonna keep trying and maybe the Lord wants other missionaries to contact him. I'm grateful I was able to have a part in it, but don't worry, I'm not defeated! Never will be! But guess what? We have four investigators with a baptismal date!!!! Only one is truly on his way but the rest will be soon!! Rodney, Chala, Tony and Alexis all have baptismal dates! They have all got a glimpse of the gospel and love it!!! So many people need it! And it's our responsibility to share it! :)
And we texted a potential investigator, the one we taught at church last Sunday. She said God answered her prayers in a way she was not expecting!!! How cool is that? We haven't been able to meet with her and she wasn't able to come to church but I'm excited to meet with her soon so we can figure out what exactly happened!!! Yeeeeee so much anticipation!! We had a relief society activity where we all split up and tried to reach out to some sisters who we haven't seen in a while. It was so fun and so nice!
Then on Friday we added a new investigator! His name is Narish. He's an Indian man we met in the parking lot. He really wanted to come to church, so we invited him. He didn't show up, but everyone deserves a second and third chance so that is exactly what we are going to give to him! :)
We have an appointment with him on Thursday. I'm excited to teach him! :) And this week president asked us to invited 10 people to be baptized and we were invited again to do it this week! So you know what that means, being bold in street contacts!! It happened. It was legit! Baptism is the greatest gift we can give anyone so might as well let them know the greatest blessing they can get!
On a funny note, you know what foreign companions tend to say when they have to use the bathroom: "I have to go poops." IT CRACKS ME UP.
I know that might not be completely missionary appropriate but I love them so much I had to share! :)
On Saturday we went to a baptism in Sister Leyvas old area. We got permission. I love baptisms! Tony was supposed to come see but it didn't work out. It just made me more pumped for his baptism! We reset him with a date of December 5th. He had a cool experience with the word of wisdom too! I'M PUMPED!!!! :)
And we also got dropped by Raj.... Oh well. She'll be ready soon!!!
And then of course my favorite day, Sunday!!!! And it was great. Before Sister Chan left one of the counsellors in the branch presidency asked if my new companion and I would give a talk on this past Sunday. I said of course. And he also asked if we would stand at the pulpit together and speak. Okay. Little did he or I know, that I would be getting TWO companions!!! It was so fun, I stood in the m iddle and we gave a talk on adversity on and before our mission and how our faith in Jesus Christ helped us get through it. We just took turns sharing our experiences and go figure, I cried a little.
When I was done with my part Sister Espanto was supposed to go next, so she turned and whispered to me if I needed a tissue. I said I was good, and then she turned to the congregation and said "My companion is crying." SHE'S SO FUNNY!!! That put a smile on her face. I love my international companions. They make me laugh. :)
We only had one investigator at church but one is soooo much better than none!! Bharat came, and when he saw me cry he was so concerned and confused. Oh well. Haha. We also had a firmer investigator come as well. Sure, he slept through sacrament meeting but he was there!
Good times in the branch. :)
THEN we had MTEs (Missionary Training Experience) where we had some training from our Mission President and his wife and some of our other leaders and then we switched up companions so we could go apply what we were taught. Then this morning we talked about the miracles we saw from it and got some more training. So I stayed in my area with Sister Espanto. Sister Leyva left and guess who joined us.....

Ohhhh I was sooooooo pumped!!! I still can't believe it happened, just like old times. :)
And Sister Espanto made it even more fun. :)
It was a great day.
Sister Stewart is so bold, and it was so fun to teach with her again!!! We had some funny times, too... So this guy was at a mail box; we got out of the car and said hello, he ignored us, we gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought he might not have heard us, so we said hello a little louder and he kept walking. I thought he might have been Chinese, so trying to make Sister Chan proud I yelled "NIHAO!" Nothing.
Haha, just a door slam. We laughed. Good times.
Then when we were planning the night before, Sister Leyva felt impressed to go visit this less active member. Well we tried, he wasn't there, but a really cool girl was!
Her name was Ann. We taught about the Book of Mormon, we invited her to be baptized and to a Thanksgiving church-sponsored party. She said yes to both! She's so cool and sweet.
That was definitely a tender mercy and a miracle!
The funny thing was when we were trying to contact her these sprinklers kept on attacking us, and when it first happened Sister Stewart and I both freaked out. We thought it was a snake!!! Ohhhh Sister Espanto laughed at us. Good times. Then when we were teaching Ann they came on again! And then when we were getting into the car they came on again! Those sprinklers had something against us Haha but it was so fun. I loved it!
Some of the things I took from the training was that it's important to be grateful. When you are grateful your faith increases, they are interconnected. When you show more gratitude in your prayers you're showing Heavenly Father that you recognize him in your life more, therefore faith increases. And also how I fear no man. We all walked up to president, shook his hand, looked him in the eye and said I FEAR NO MAN. So now, miracles will happen. For sure. I just made a commitment with President! And the Lord! I'm not backing down. :) Oh and also they had me bear my testimony at this big mission meeting; heart racing but testimony strengthened for sure!
I LOVE YOU ALLL SOOOOOO MUCH!!! I miss you a lot, I think about you a lot. I'm so happy to be where I am, I hope you are too!
Sister Whitcomb

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A salty crew on Potato Chip Rock


Hey Everybody!!!!
Are you as shocked at the title of my letter as I was?! That's right! I'M IN A TRIO!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!! And not just any trio, an international trio! My companions are Sister Espanto and Sister Leyva! Sister Espanto is a temple square sister (can you believe I've had two companions from temple square???? Who would have thought?!)
Sister Espanto is from the Phillipines and she has been out on her mission for ten months. She's so cute and tiny! :) She always makes me laugh! And guess what? She's 31! She has the coolest story. She was less active for most of her life. And she decided to serve a mission! Her English is really good! And it's great because we have a Tagalog Ward in our Stake! She's teaching me a little Tagalog, likes to yell this word a lot, "kalabaw," she says it's caribou in English. I'm gonna have so much fun this transfer!
L to R: Sister Espanta, Sister Leyva, member friend, Sister Whitcomb

Sister Leyva is from Mexico. We actually came out together. She was in the MTC with me but she was in a different district so I never saw her until the airport. She also speaks very good English and I now find myself saying "Hermanas" a lot. I love it. We can street contact the whole world! Especially with the little mandarin I learned from the amazing Sister Chan! ;)
The miracles started happening right away after transfer meeting! We went to go teach a recent convert, and it went really well. We are pretty great at teaching! Especially in a trio!
But we walk out, see these two girls and start talking to them. One, Alexis, is really interested. A golden street contact. These maybe happen once a mission. We taught her a little bit of the Restoration, showed the Because He Lives video and gave her a Book of Mormon! She was so excited and so were we! We set a return appointment for the next day, said a prayer, gave each other hugs and ran to have sushi for dinner! It was so cool!! We were solo pumped we added someone on our first day!!!!! And the sushi was pretty delicious, treated by our Relief Society President. I tried eel! It was good. :)
Then when we came back to teach her, such a powerful lesson. She was eating it all up! And when baptism came up, she wanted to do it! She said that she would have with another church, but something physical stopped her and might still stop her. I whipped out Moroni 7:33 and said if she has the faith, it will happen, and she accepted for December 12th as her baptism date. Even in the closing prayer she asked Heavenly Father to help her reach her baptismal date. She unfortunately didn't come to church but she said she had an emergency. She's the best. She reminds me of Taylor McDaniel. Love her!
Then we had a lesson with the guy who came to last week's family home evening that got a church tour! The member, Devin, that set up the return appointment for us opened up his home and Bharat and Sunny (his room mate) came. A great restoration lesson filled with lots of questions, a commitment to be baptized and the spirit. No baptismal date yet, but soon! He came to church too! And he stayed at the linger longer!! We reset his baptismal date for December 12th! He didn't come to church but we called him and he seemed really sorry and we will see him on Wednesday. Don't worry, it will all work out in the end.
We also went to Chinese class. They said they needed us for groups. It was fun, definitely not the same without Sister Chan. Miss her!
And then our car did not have a good week. Our engine has been overheating a lot, and on Saturday we got a flat tire! I do not like spending three hours in pep boys or the car dealership. But patience was for sure developed. We might or might not have a video or us on the side of the road trying to fix our car, courtesy of Sister Espanto.
We also met with Raj, the girl who walked in on the member dinner. She was also prepared and eating the lesson up! She did not come to church, but she's so sweet and has great things in store for her!
Tony is Tony. He came to church for the second week in a row!!! When we went to teach him he said he was thinking about his baptism.... YEAH!!!!!!!!! He's cool, he needs the gospel too.
Then Sunday was awesome! We had two investigators and we taught a recently returned missionary's friend during second hour, it was awesome! She had so many questions and we had a great member present!! We didn't get to add her as an investigator but she texted us the next day asking some questions! I LOVED ALL THESE PREPARED PEOPLE IN PQ!!!
Then we went to a Spanish Mission President's Fireside because I was asked to play the piano, a last minute thing, so I got to practice once, it could have gone better but I did realize something really important. I shouldn't be more concerned about how many right notes I play but whether I'm doing a good job at bearing my testimony through the music. I'm working on it. But I also got to sing in Spanish! That was fun! People came up to me thinking I spoke Spanish and I was like uhhhh.... Sister Leyva! Haha

Then today for P-day we hiked potato chip rock! It was so fun! Really steep but it felt so good! I LOVE LIFE!! I hope you all do too! :)
Sister Whitcomb

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

In my raincoat, you may call me Sister Everdeen.

!Hola mi familia!
HOW AREEEE YOUUUUU??? I love you so much! How is the fall weather? I'm loving this San Diego weather! Especially since it's been raining!!!!
I LOVE RAIN! I love wearing my rain jacket. My old companion would call me Sister Everdeen because she thought I looked like Katniss in it. Haha so I always think of her. :)
BUT HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD! Your trip to DC looked super fun! Also can I give a shout out to Elizabeth Jeffrey?!?!?? WHO GOT HER CALL TO THE CALIFORNIA SANTA ROSA MISSION!!!!!! California is the place to be!!!! I'm so proud of you and I know you'll do great! You're already the best missionary ever!!!
Anyways, this week was awesome!!! One reason was we got to go to the Temple for PDay. We went later than usual. We went to the 3:00pm session, so when we got out it was dark and we were rushing back to our area to start working. We made it, have no fear. We had an appointment with Rodney, but he wasn't there!
We called him and he said he was out of town. But every time we knock on Rodney's door we meet a new person. They are all YSA age, too! So we get tons of referrals for other YSA missionaries just from that one house. It's awesome! :)
Then on Wednesday we had a street contact with this certain older man that just made my day. We were talking to this guy on the street and he referred us to his neighbor who was sitting outside; possibly that he would be interested. So we go and talk to him. His name was Gary.
Let me tell you about Gary. He is quite the character. He sees us and we say hello and he goes "Oh I know all about those Jehovah's Witnesses!" Then we corrected him and he goes "Oh let me tell you about Joseph Smith!" So we are like "Okay, you tell us. And then he goes on to tell this story that Joseph and his dad were in a field, and he saw a rock, he prodded it with a stick and then he saw something gold. He touched it and it shocked him with electricity.
Don't worry.
We corrected him. That is not the story of Joseph Smith. Just to clarify.
So we decided to show him the four minute Restoration video. While we were watching he started to cry and started to say everything he was grateful for, including us, so that me me tear up. It's nice to know you make a difference, even in a street contact. We referred him to the elders. Hopefully we will be hearing about Gary's baptism soon. ;)
Then on Thursday we had our last Chinese class! Because this was Sister Chan's last week. That's right, Sister Chan is officially on a plane, to Seattle, then to Beijing, and then to Hong Kong. Total travel time is 23 hours.
At the airport this morning... Sad.... can't believe she's gone! We got up at 4:00 am
I'm gonna miss that Sister, she taught me so many things, all through example. That's the best kind. Everyone please keep her in your prayers as she travels. She needs to be safe! :)
But anyway it was the last Chinese class, so I made sure Sister Chan got a picture with everyone. There were a lot of people there! More than usual! And it was exciting because a lot of them were asking about The Book of Mormon and church and how Sister Chan car to know it was true!!
MISSIONARY WORK FOR THE WIN!!!!!! But it was funny. When we were trying to take the picture, one of the gentlemen took charge, just ordering everyone around in Mandarin, and two of the ladies very nicely but very sternly plopped me and Sister Chan in chairs.
Good times at Chinese Class
They are the sweetest! I'm gonna miss them. Unless I get a new Chinese speaking companion!! We shall see, I'll find out tomorrow....
Thursday was also awesome because we added someone as an investigator!!!!!!! His name is Tony. We street contacted him in our apartment complex a while back and we were following up. Totally got a return appointment! And then when we taught him on Friday we set hi with a baptismal date of November 28th!!!!!!! And guess what? He came to church last Sunday and LOVED it! That was such a miracle for me! I haven't had an investigator in church since my first Sunday here! I was playing the piano for sacrament meeting, so I could see everyone. When I saw him walk in I had the biggest smile on my face!!!!!!! It was awesome!!!! But funny note, when we had a lesson with him on Friday, we had to bring a female because of our mission rules. So we brought a very pretty YSA to the lesson. Bad choice. I felt so bad for her. Awkward moves. Not good.
But great laughs for sure afterwards! Oh man. YSA. SO FUN.
Then on Friday Sister Chan had departures, where the departing missionaries go to the Temple with President Schmitt and his wife.
So I had to drop her off and I got to be in a trio for the day! So I got to go with Sisters Stewart and Purcell in their area, which is Poway! Right above PQ. It was so fun! I got to go to their district meeting which was AWESOME, all about faith! And you know how each companionship set a goal for how many baptisms by Christmas? Well they added all the companionships goals up and it's 622 baptisms for the mission by Christmas! Faith! It can happen! Through Jesus Christ it can and it will.
In fact, it already has. That was referenced in their district meeting, how in the Book of Mormon several prophets had so much faith that they used things in the past tense. When Lehi was ON HIS WAY to the Promised Land, he said he already obtained the promised land! So we have already baptized those people! Faith can work miracles! These are going to be the best two months EVER!!!!!! Being in a trio was so much fun and we got to go to dinner at our Relief Society President's house because she invited a non member to hear the discussion! She intently listened, didn't necessarily want to be involved but she was there.
Hopefully we will set up another appointment soon! Member referrals are the best!
Then on Saturday we had our district meeting where the Elders decided to guess Sister Chan's ETM!! (Estimated time of marriage!) Not cool!
District Meeting
Man it's so weird, one of my companions is gone! And soon it will be two! Sister Wardinsky leaves tomorrow for temple square! AND YOU LOCALS ALL BETTER GO VISIT HER!!!!! SHE'S THE BEST!!!
On Sunday Tony came to church so that was fantastic! One of the YSA gave a talk because he's leaving on his mission to go to the Phillipines!! So cool, he reports tomorrow!! So exciting!! But besides that, appointments fell through. But that's okay! We will help them find the gospel eventually!!
Then Monday! BEST LAST DAY EVER FOR SISTER CHAN! We had zone meeting which was all about having that missionary fire! Being master planners, finders and teachers.
Zone Meeting
And we have these things called S.T.E.P.P. talks where you write a talk on a certain subject and then you'll possibly get picked on to give it at transfer meeting or zone meetings and guess who got picked on? Me. Of course. It was good for me. I always love bearing my testimonies about gospel subjects. This one was on how to be master planners, finders and teachers. Good times.
Then Sister Chan and I got to work! We were able to add an investigator on her last night!!!!!!!! We went to our dinner appointment and we were teaching a lesson on the Book of Mormon when all of a sudden a girl walks out of nowhere. She starts to listen to our lesson then asks for a Book of Mormon!!!!! Soooo cool!! So background on her, her name is Raj, she is a former investigator and while she was investigating she became friends with this family, and now she is renting a room from them. Not sure why she stopped but she's starting again! I'm so pumped!!!!!!! Then we had family home evening where Devin Dahlburg, an awesome member missionary, brought a nonmember! We talked to him and he didn't seem too interested but we had to run to an appointment that sadly fell through, but Devin gave him a church tour and gave him a Book of Mormon and set a return appointment for us! Coolest thing ever! Devin said he is really open and really searching for answers! I'm ready! Bring it on this week! Once I get my new companion it's just going to be go go go!!!!!!!! :)
I love the mission, I love this life and I never want to leave! Always missionary focused! That's how it's gonna be! :)
I love you all! Can't wait to tell you who my new companion will be!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH!!!! :) :) :) :)
Sister Whitcomb

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Church is so awesome people!

!!!!!MI FAMILIA!!!!!
First off, HAPPY DAY LATE BIRTHDAY DADDDDDD!!! AND HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!! I love you both so much, I hope you got my letters. It doesn't even begin to describe how much I love you!!!! Are you all just loving the fall winter? I hope so! I always enjoy when a cold breeze comes up, and it's now sweater weather! (Sort of, as much as it can get in San Diego).

ANYWAYS, can I just start off with how amazing missionary work is? So do you remember Rodney? The one we had a specific prayer for and we awesomely street contacted him?? Well we had a return appointment a week ago, right after PDay. We had it in our Branch Mission Leaders home since he lives right down the street. Spirit was strong, he had a lot of questions and he said an awesome prayer at the end. And guess what..... HE COMMITTED TO BAPTISM FOR NOVEMBER 28th!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so prepared. I'm so excited! But he didn't come to church this past Sunday....... Church is so awesome people! You're denying yourself so many blessings if you don't go!!!!! But we are meeting with him again tonight to see if we can help with anything and see what his concerns are. I'M PUMPED!
Another cool specific prayer that was answered during nightly planning: after the prayer I felt impressed to go to a less active's house. So we did. We set up a return appointment and Sister Chan had said that she didn't think he was interested. In the past he avoided the missionaries. But we went back and taught him and he told us that he was reading in the scriptures and it just stuck out to him that he should come to church. And then we showed up on his doorstep and then he really knew. But guess what--after our beast lesson he didn't come to church. But he will, I have faith. He's a good guy.
Then we taught Caleb, he's such a nice guy. So close to baptism, not quite there. We are going to the temple with him this week, so hopefully that will help him become motivated to work for this wonderful gospel!!!!!!
Then the classic English class; I love that class! We split up into little groups again and I had two of the same ladies from last time and an older man. We had so much fun! I truly love them. This time we were teaching them words that we use in association with the scriptures. So The Book of Mormon was there and we learned some dialogue having to do with reading the account of Christ coming to the Americas. They nailed it! And at the end the guy in my group said, "Miracle Day!" It was so cute, I love cheering them on. (Which I literally do after they say something right; it's the best! :))
We have been doing a lot of street contacting recently, it's so fun to be bold to people, but of course in a loving way. :)
So, as missionaries you can't back up the car without your companion getting out and "backing you." Mission rules. So as she was doing so she started talking to this guy and started talking about Jesus Christ and he just shouts out "I LOVE JESUS!" I always enjoy a good laugh and meeting a fellow who loves Christ as much as I do. But then he goes on to say, "oh wait, but not the Mormon Jesus."  Wait, what?
Oh how I love people!
SATURDAY! Halloween! And being Halloween we had to be in by 6:00, and I loved it! But funny story--Sister Chan and I did not have ANY candy, so therefore we could not give any away to trick or treaters. So as not to trick the little kids we shut off all our lights, outside and inside. Except one inside so we could plan. We were even whispering as we planned and then all of a sudden BANG BANG BANG. "TRICK OR TREAT!"
It sounded like an army of kids out there. Sister Chan mouthed to me "Don't move."
I felt so bad; lesson learned: be prepared with candy next Halloween. We never got any more trick or treaters but for the rest of the night we were like ninjas trying to avoid those little kids. We laughed, silently, a lot! I love Sister Chan! Speaking of Sister Chan, this is my last week with her! :(
She's going back to Hong Kong. I'm going to miss her so much. It won't be the same without my Asian companion!

The Sabbath is always a good day. Especially when it is Fast Sunday! This Sunday the whole branch was fasting for missionary work. And since church starts at 1:00pm we always do what we call Search and Rescue before church, to unite people who we haven't seen in a while to come to church and join us for our break the fast after church! Sister Chan and I went on splits and I went with a recent convert of one year; her name is Jessica. Sweetest thing. We stopped by this house and we had no idea who he was. But we were so lucky we stopped. His Grandma was there and she told us his whole situation. Jessica connected right away and was just so Christlike. I know we will see that guy in the branch soon. Jessica will work miracles; I just know it.
During Sacrament meeting the counselor who started with his testimony encouraged everyone to go up and just say what they believe. And literally the branch is so so small that everyone could bear their testimony. So Sister Chan went up there, it being her last fast Sunday. And then she pushed me to go up. So I did. And I'm glad I did. I love this branch so much, and I wanted them to know how much I love my Savior and how I know they are all there for a reason. (Shout out to Cherstin Parsons for helping me figure that out!) :)
It was awesome.
And we had crepes for break the fast! SO GOOD!!
Monday. So first off President had us set goals for how many baptisms we want by Christmas. We've been talking about faith a lot recently too. So Sister Chan and I prayed for our goal and we both got five. Five baptisms before Christmas. It will happen. I can see the people being prepared already. Then President Schmitt asked us to set a goal of 10 new investigators this week. When I heard that it just felt right. We've been so close to adding people this week, but have so many new potential investigators! It's awesome! Sunday night we had an appointment and we needed a female so we brought a recently returned missionary. Her name is Arianna. She just came back from Mexico! She is so cool!! Unfortunately the appointment fell through BUT she had set up a time with a less active to see and so we went with her. She also didn't end up being there, but her roommate was. He invited us in and we started teaching him the Restoration. Apparently we had met him before. He was there at my first night in the transfer, at a YSA activity. He is prepared. It took him a while to accept the Book of Mormon, but the spirit was too strong for him not to take it. When he finally took it, he said his heart was racing. Things look good for him. He would not set up a return appointment but when we left he said we could come back anytime. Okay--we will! ;)
On Monday we had jus planned to see a lot of YSA whose records had just been moved into the branch. We didn't see any of them and most of them had moved again or their addresses were nonexistent. Along the way we met two solid potential investigators! We tried to add them right there but it didn't quite work out. We gave them both a copy of The Book of Mormon and one of them even has relatives who are members of the church. No such thing as coincidences! And I know we will be able to go back and add them as new investigators this week! MISSIONARY WORK IS THE BEST! I hope you all get to experience it someday. I'm the happiest I've ever been, and I love you all! Remember to always smile and know that I'm cheering for you!
Sister Whitcomb
P.S. We are going to the temple today! I'M SO PUMPED I LOVE THE TEMPLE!!!!
:) :) :)