Tuesday, June 14, 2016

To my all dearest loved ones! 
Leaving my cute home 

Transfer day! Wowie wow wow. Today was the day I had to leave Santee. Seriously has become one of my favorite places of all places!!! I love the people, all of them. It broke my heart a little to leave all of them but I know I will be back! I don't know when, I just know I will be! And I am being transferred to the great lands of POWAY!!! I am originally assigned to serve in the Mt. Woodson YSA ward as a Sister Training Leader with Sister Stirland, she's from Highland, UT. She actually originally was serving in the Mormon Battalion but she's on her "outbound." I'm excited to serve with her!! BUT all of the new missionaries who are suppose to come into today, just the Sisters had to stay behind in the MTC to get some extra shots. SO I'm going to be on a 2 week or so assignment with Sister Kratzer who is on her outbound from Temple Square! She is serving in 3 family wards in Poway, the Lake Hodges Ward, Del Sur and Rancho Bernardo. It's going to be a party! And I'm excited for the adventures to begin! It sounds like summer has started for all of you! That's exciting, make sure to tell me all about your adventures!!

But as for my adventures..... 
Tuesday was crazy. Tuesday was a period of growth! Thankfully it was started off on a good note like I said last week, by going to the Temple. Heavenly Father knew I would need that peace to come back into this CRAZY world. We had a bunch of appointments fall through. We had a nice meeting with our 88 year old investigator. But boy can he TALK! We were in their for quite sometime and coming out I was slightly frustrated. But he's reading The Book of Mormon so THAT is awesome!!!!! No baptismal date yet but I know the Sisters will take care of that. And besides he is starting to really get fellowshipped in the ward. Last night some members took them to see the movie, "Singing with Angels." It's about the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and that's all about I know. People said it was good! It was only a one time show though. Glad they went! We then later that Tuesday night had a pass off lesson from the Bostonia Elders. It was for a YSA named Ryan they had found. Ryan is AWESOME!!! He has a really basic knowledge of religion so it was nice to keep it really basic because that is when the spirit is strongest! And then when we had the follow up lesson he got a baptismal date for JULY 9TH!!!!!! He's awesome! Just needs to get work off and come to church! He's in the process! YAY! 
I also had a long talk with Heavenly Father, it was awesome. He's a good one to talk to. 
Wednesday, was go go GO! We were able to meet with a lot of recent  converts, including Vanessa and Stacey. Both are doing awesome! They both have callings, Vanessa has been to the Temple multiple times and they are both just on FIRE! I'm really proud of them, I'm sad to leave them but I'm excited for how much good they will do in the world! I love them! We also met with Brother Nelson, a less active. and let me tell you I was SO grateful for the member that was there. Brother McCulloch just did amazing! He truly brought the spirit and he made Brother Nelson feel so comfortable. Members are just so important in that regard! So even people who haven't really been to church in a while need a friend, just like investigators do! We also had our 2nd and last district meeting. With all of the crazy mission tours and mission meetings we weren't able to have more then 2! But that's ok, because I've learned A LOT this transfer. They asked me to bear my testimony on my purpose. It's always an eye opener, for me then for anyone else, to bear my testimony. I truly see where I am at when I follow the spirit and bear my testimony, I now find myself grasping at every opportunity to bear my testimony! I challenge you all to as well. :)
Thursday. Weekly Planning! Weekly planning keeps me safe from sin! It truly does, it helps me not to mess up! Planning is so important, that's a HUGE lesson my mission has taught me. Setting goals and making plans. It's always nice when you get weekly planning breaks for frozen yogurt during lunch. Always a good idea. :) We saw Gail and she got your card Mom! Stacey did as well and they just loved it! I am surrounded by good people and I am blessed. :) 
FridayFriday was crazy! 2 of the Sisters we are over went home today but on Friday they had departure activities where the departing missionaries that transfer go to the Temple, get interviewed by President Schmitt and eat food and have a testimony meeting. So their 3rd companion needed a companion and it ended up being me! We seemed to of woke up quite early for a couple times this week since we also helped them get to the airport today as well. whew! But Chula Vista is awesome! And it's going to be Sister Mioles new area! WOOOHOO!!!! And Sister Miole is TRAINING!!!! YAYYYYYY!!! So proud of her, she's going to do AWESOME! But anyway, Chula was quite fun. I got to sit in on their zone meeting. One nugget of knowledge I got was that when we want investigators, we would love for them to be golden investigators. The people who just go above and beyond what is asked and really soak it all in and have a desire for more. Well if we want those people, we have to be those golden investigators to God. We have to go above and beyond and be more dedicated to the work! And I'm all in right now! It was a good day, Chula Vista is an awesome area and I even got cheesecake out of it. An automatic good day. :)
Saturday. SO FUN! On the plus side we got to do power hour on Prince Charming Lane! How many misisonaries can say they did that? Not many. But alas no prince charmings or charming anythings were found. But many seeds were planted and smiles were given.

We then were able to have lunch with the Senior Missionaries that live right below us. The Tanners!!! They rock. Great healthy lunch and full of the spirit. It's amazing to hear the sacrifices others make, in this case for them they both are going through medical problems. Such faith! WE THEN GOT TO GO TO THE MORMON BATTALION WITH MARCO!!! That was sooo fun! I just love the Mormon Battalion! Always makes me feel good! And when Marco came he brought a 4 year old friend. And man was Adrianna a climber! She was pretty good though, but really cute. :) Marco is just doing awesome! He came to FHE last night, he unfortunately missed church because he was babysitting... BUT he is still motivated to be baptized! July 2nd here we come!!! :):):)

Then we ran home to have Thai food with our branch mission leader Kevan. Twas good and it brought me back to the day I opened my mission call. Right before I opened it I had Thai food with Roger and Kristine. Here I am over a year later. Time just flies! (yesterday I hit my 13 month mark.. yikes!)
Sunday is always a special day. Especially when you are in Santee. We didn't have any investiagtors at church, but that's ok! It's not for a lack of trying. That's for sure! But it was awesome once again to see all of our recent converts and friends who are trying to come back to church. Makes my heart smile. :) And miracle of all miracles! As our appointments cancelled for the night we pulled in to our apartment complex, and there we see Ilene! Not a while back we had given Ilene a Book of Mormon and were unable to set a return appointment. And we were praying that we would be able to run into her again! And here she was! We talked to her for a while and everytime she talked it was just like YOU NEED WHAT I HAVE!!! YOU NEED THE GOSPEL! So we offered it to her and she accepted! I'm sad I won't be able to meet with her but I know the Sisters will take care of her! 
Ah MondayMonday we recieved a call from President receiving the news about transfers. I'm sad but really excited for another ward!!! The future is bright and so is my faith. 
In our zone we had zone meeting. What I learned from that is how important the spirit is and how important it is to love our enemies. When the spirit is not there it drains you more then when the spirit is there. I never want to be without the spirit for a moment in my life. No one should. The spirit is alwasy something to strive for!
Santee Zone 

We also got to see Eddie, he's doing awesome, hanging in there. Proud of him!

We also had dinner with Dulce and Anthony, a hard goodbye! And the next time I see them they will probably be married! Lots of goodbyes and lots of teacing happened on Monday. Including Gail. When we told Gail we were leaving it was probably one of the most hardest of all, she almost made me cry. She's a sweet woman and I will miss her. As well as the Nelson family, I have seen them grow SO much! Repentance is such a blessing and we should take full advantage of it just like they did! 
And here I am, typing away with my new companion(s). It's a good life. It's mission life and I wouldn't change it for the world. I'll miss Santee but I know I'll LOVE Poway.
Sisters Whitcomb, Stirland, & Kratzer 

Just as much as I love all of you! I just want all of you to know that I trust the Lord. I trust him and I have faith that he will lead me in the right direction and I know that this is him leading me. How lucky I am.
Love, Sister Whitcomb
At transfers :) 

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